These ladies are amazing! They are friendly and love what they do.

I am so well taken care of having my prenatal care here.

Heather Ascherl · October 19, 2016

Susan, Kourtney and Roslyn were all amazing. I instantly felt comfortable and completely taken care of. The time they spent getting to know me and what I envisioned my birth to look like was something I wouldn’t have expected anywhere else. During the birth, I bled more than expected but Kourtney and Roslyn worked efficiently and with a sense of urgency without making me feel panicked or worried. I felt completely safe in their care.

After the birth, I dealt with post-partum depression and the aftercare they provided was amazing. They went out of their way to come to my house at least once, sometimes twice a week just to check in and talk. They were completely available at any time that I felt I needed to speak to someone. I never once felt that I was a burden to them, but rather that they totally and completely cared about me and my well-being.

I don’t think I can recommend this birth center enough. I will definitely be coming back when the next baby comes around!

Emily Montague · July 19, 2017

I switched to the Corvallis Birth Center mid pregnancy and was met with 3 of the kindest most genuine lovely midwives who I instantly felt comfortable with. I was so impressed that all 3 of them were often at my appointments so I was able to get to know each of them. They spent a lot of time with me each apt. My prenatal care and birth were even better than I could have planned.

This was my 5th baby and the only one I didn’t feel I needed to write a ‘birth plan’ for because they actually took the time to ask questions and get to know me so they knew what our hopes were. The day of delivery they went above and beyond to meet my whole family’s needs and we felt so taken care of!!!

I wouldn’t recommend any place more than this wonderful birth center!!

Angela Uddo Gee · June 3

Since having my baby 13 months ago I’ve had chronic discomfort in my low back and pelvis. I tried going to physical therapy, but after a few months, I realized it wasn’t helping my pain improve. My PT told me to talk with my midwife to find out if there was something else I should do, and when I met with Susan she suggested I try coming in for some abdominal massage work with her. After two sessions with her, my pain was almost completely gone and stayed gone even between appointments. I’ve been to see her a total of three times now, and I’m so happy about how much better my body feels.

I would 100% recommend that all postpartum moms see Susan for bodywork following the birth of their babies. She has helped me tremendously! Thank you, Susan!

Jenney Lee · May 2    

Came for a basic annual exam; hadn’t had one in a few years and was apprehensive. Susan spent a solid 45 minutes with me and I so appreciated the ‘living room’ discussion before going into the exam room, her time double checking my blood pressure when I mentioned in passing some dizziness when getting up quickly, and the fact that I got a real sheet–no paper towel sized sheet of tissue paper that doesn’t cover anything!! The exam was efficient, as comfortable as can be, and I felt supported in taking care of my health and asking lots of questions.

From my experience and knowledge of the center, I would say that they are open and affirming and 100% supportive. It’s like Call the Midwife without the hats.

Elle Bublitz · April 17

As I sit here holding my 5-day old baby girl, I am completely blown away with the last nine-month journey. Our experience here is one that my husband and I both know to be one of the best of our lives. From the start, our amazing midwives made us feel constantly heard, validated, safe, and welcome. These women work harder than anyone we’ve ever seen to provide a calm, safe, and healthy space to grow, learn, and birth your baby. I always felt so well cared for and was always excited for our appointments. Going to a hospital always seems to add to the clinical, sick, and stressful environment that is just natural within those walls. Choosing a birth center, and this one specifically, was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Our pregnancy care was top of the line and we even were offered a free two-session birthing class which helped immensely! We never felt turned away or dumb for calling and asking questions, even if it was several times. These amazing women make you feel like you’re or alone, and your worry is true; which is what every single pregnant women needs.

The birth was indescribably calm and natural. Through the whole 7 hours, Susan continuously encouraged me, guided me, and supported me. When things got tough towards the end and I thought I couldn’t do it, she alone gave me the strength by telling me I could. My husband and mother were wonderful, but there’s something about her energy that completely encouraged you and made you believe you were okay, and you CAN do it.

There’s something quite special to be said for a person who can reach out and give that kind of natural support. Our little girl was birthed into the world by calm and capable hands. The environment was so peaceful and safe, we truly believe it has made all the difference in our daughter’s temperament and level of calm in these first few days.

We highly encourage you to make an appointment to interview with them!

Thanks, Susan and Kourtney for bringing our girl into the world with such knowledge, strength, and care. We cannot thank you enough.

Kara Wentland · March 27, 2017

Working with the birth center was an amazing experience. The midwives truly love and care for their patients. The birthing rooms are extremely comfortable like cozy hotel suits. The actual birthing experience was designed to perfectly care for my baby and my wife. The midwives took intimate care of wife and provided a healthy delivery of my baby. They even made my wife’s favorite food to make her feel comfortable. The center also provides follow-up home visits. I would highly recommend this birth center.

Dan Reynolds · February 18

To Susan and the wonderful team of amazing women at Corvallis Birth and Women’s Health Center, When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I did was search for local birth centers in Corvallis. I was shocked to discover there were NONE!

I was so disappointed that my options were a hospital birth or a home birth which I was not confident enough to do for my first pregnancy. I kept searching the internet and stumbled upon the site for a birth center that was due to open just a few months before my due date and was delighted to learn the midwife behind it was an old family friend.

My experience at the CBWH could not have been better. Susan and her midwives took their time with me during each prenatal visit to make sure that all my questions and concerns were heard and addressed. I never felt rushed and the atmosphere at the center was more like visiting a friend’s home.

When it came time to deliver, I felt mentally prepared (as much as possible!) for what was happening and, more importantly, confident in the team of women attending me. I knew that I would be cared for and that in the event of unforeseen events, they would respond skillfully and compassionately.

After the birth of my daughter Maia, I was given the best gift a new mother can receive, (sleep!) while my baby was attended to. I also knew that it was important for me to feel in control of the decisions to be made regarding my baby after birth (delayed cord clamping, first bath, preventative care etc.) and the team of women were respectful of all my decisions without judgment.

Susan and the women of CBWH continued to make visits to me and my baby for the weeks following my delivery, coming to my home and even just calling to check in. I felt loved and cared for in the weeks postpartum that can be very stressful for everyone! I would recommend Susan and all the women of Corvallis Birth and Women’s Health Center to any woman, whether for a birth or regular women’s health services.
With all my heart, Thank you!!!

Tsana, Manuel, and Maia 3 · January 31

My experience was wonderful here! Susan, Kourtney, and Roslyn were so attentive to my needs during my birthing time and were really in tune to my wishes. Really calm and lovely atmosphere with high quality, competent care. So glad that Corvallis has such a beautiful birthing option now.

Jeremy Tiffany Solomon · December 1, 2016

I had the honor and privilege of delivering my second child at this birth center. From prenatal to delivery, and then post natal, I received top notch care. I’m genuinely sad to not be pregnant anymore and not have an excuse to see these ladies as often as I have been!! I’d give them ten stars if I could!

Casey Hester Sexton · November 14, 2016

Competent, Qualified and Caring! These women are prepared to give you the best care and support available before, during and after your pregnancy. Hands down the best birth experience of my 3!

Melanie Bremer Kettle · October 20, 2016