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Gynecology, Reproductive, and Sexual Health

Corvallis Birth & Wellness Center offers routine annuals and wellness gynecology, and comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care.  Our gynecology services are respectful and allow for time to talk about concerns, ask questions, participate in your care.  You will not feel rushed or unheard.

Our services include Annual exams, a full range of Contraceptive options, assistance with Menstrual issues, Vaginitis concerns, STI testing and treatment.

We offer testosterone therapy for transmen.

Other reproductive services include Fertility awareness, Pre-conceptual guidance, Conception education and support.

Additional Information

With a focus on maintaining optimum health and wellbeing, we offer routine gynecologic care including annual exams, breast exams, screening, and an array of contraceptive options and sexual health services.

Annual GYN exams including health education and screening, complete exams, breast and pelvic exams.

Testing including PAP smears, STI testing.

Screening including lab work, mammograms, and other testing as indicated.

Diagnosis and treatment for vaginitis and vaginal concerns, UTIs

We offer a full range of contraceptive options including inserting and removing IUDs and implants (Nexplanon),

fitting diaphrams,

prescribing hormonal contraceptives (“the pill” or the ring).

Fertility awareness and education regarding menstrual cycles and fertility

Education and assistance with issues around painful periods, irregular periods, bleeding concerns, PCOS

Pre-conceptual visits for education and support; preparing for pregnancy

Understanding your fertility, ovulation and how to determine when you are ovulating

Conception assistance:  we offer intrauterine insemination to help families using donor insemination to build their families

Susan Heinz is recognized by WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) as a health care provider offering transgender health care.

We offer hormonal therapy (testosterone) for transmen