Our Staff

Susan Wegelt Heinz, DNP, CNM

Owner and Director of Corvallis Birth & Women’s Health Center, LLC

I have been a Midwife for over 30 years and have had the privilege of attending births and providing care to women in many different settings. Caring for women is my calling and my passion – it is what I do and part of who I am.

Corvallis is my home. I have lived in this community for over 20 years and my husband and I have raised our two amazing daughters here. I love this community and have had a dream for this community for many years – that dream is to have a special place, a center for women and families to gather and support each other. A place for woman to come together. A place for women to receive and participate fully in their care, to be honored and loved, and for families to be born. While completing my doctorate, I had the privilege of working with Midwives in England and The Netherlands. Seeing these midwifery based systems of care added to my desire and inspiration to develop this special place.

At long last, after years of exploring options and trying to make this happen, this dream has come true. Corvallis Birth and Women’s Health Center has a home.

It is with great joy and excitement I have opened Corvallis Birth & Women’s Health Center. It is truly a labor of love and I want this center to be what the women and families of our community want it to be.

This journey is truly the birth of a dream.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Kourtney Hanks, CNM, FNP

I completed my midwifery education at Vanderbilt University where I also received my FNP certification. Before beginning my journey into midwifery I completed a degree in Nutrition Science from Oregon State University in hopes that I could use this nutrition knowledge to help women to become their healthiest self.

During my midwifery education, I was thrilled to be placed at two military sites where I had the honor of working with women and families in uniform.

My passion is for providing exceptional healthcare to women. I believe my role is to provide a safe place for women and families as they experience the transformations of womanhood, pregnancy, labor, and birth. Working within a birth center model of care aligns with my personal philosophy that women know their bodies and should be empowered to make their own healthcare decisions. I am so excited to return to Corvallis and serve a wonderful community of women and children.

I am relocating to Corvallis with my partner and 8-year-old English Bulldog.  We like to go on “short hikes” (my bulldog can’t go too far), and enjoy reading and playing racquetball.

Kourtney Hall, Certified Nurse Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner

Certified Nurse Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner

Debbie Alba, CNM

I am honored to join the community at the Corvallis Birth and Women’s Health Center as I continue my passion of supporting women and babies through the birth experience and beyond.  I started working with moms and babies in 1995 in San Francisco, where I first learned of the power of a positive birth and breastfeeding experience.  Born and raised in Corvallis, I have worked in both the private and public sector in our community since 2000.  Prior to becoming a midwife, my work focused on human lactation and infant development. I have been privileged to help breastfeeding families for over 20 years and continue to feel passionate about this work.

I am committed to supporting women through evidence-based practice and informed choice throughout their personal journey towards health, and am particularly interested in providing a bridge from pregnancy care to overall health care, including mental health.  I believe that empowerment of women in their life journey and optimum health and well-being of both women and children lays the foundation for a healthier, more sustainable society.

A mother to three amazing children, I live on a small farm outside of Philomath with my husband and youngest son.  In my free time I garden and take care of our herd of dairy goats, make cheese, and run the hills around Corvallis with my two dogs.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Melissa Hilson, CNM

I attended my first birth when I was 20 months old as my younger sister was welcomed into our lives, at home, surrounded by family. I don’t consciously remember that experience, but grew up loving hearing the story of her birth and my role in it, and truly believe it has shaped my path in life. In my teen years I had an idea that I wanted to go to nursing school, and then become a midwife. When I was 18 my older sister gave birth to her second baby at home. She was born into my hands, and opened her eyes and looked at me before her entire body was even birthed. At that moment I was sure!

During my midwifery education I learned about the birth center model of care and fell deeply in love with it. I love that it gives women who don’t feel comfortable with the idea of a home birth, yet don’t want to birth in the hospital, another alternative that is woman and family centered. I started my midwifery career at a birth center in southern Oregon for several years, before joining a practice in northern Washington for the last three years. I am thrilled to be returning to Oregon to continue to work in the model of midwifery care I love, and to be closer to our family in Oregon.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Alice Heinz

I am the Billing Manager at Corvallis Birth and Women’s Health Center. I received my BA in Spanish from Pacific University in the spring of 2015.  I love working with children and families.

After completing my BA I began taking Billing and Coding courses through AAPC (The American Academy of Professional Coders). I am really excited to work with women and families and help them navigate the world of insurance as they begin new chapters in their life, and working with women in all phases of their life. Growing up with a Midwife mother, I have always appreciated the value of the service to families.

In my free time I enjoy playing card and board games, reading, and exploring the outdoors.

Alice Heinz, Billing Manager

Billing Manager

Emily Garcia

I am assisting at the front desk, helping to welcome women and families and take care of other reception duties.
I completed my BA in Anthropology at Boise State University in 2014 and am now working on my MA in Applied Medical Anthropology at Oregon State University, focusing on maternal and infant health.  My research and my passion is centered on understanding supports and barriers to breastfeeding and providing care and support to mothers throughout their childbirth experience.  I am trained as a birth and postpartum doula, which allows me to apply my passion and research in the community.
In my free time, I enjoy painting and sewing, singing to my cats, and eating ice cream with my husband.

Office Staff

Crystal Massey

Crystal lives in Springfield Oregon with her three wonderful daughters. She has a passion for helping others and teaching them about pregnancy and life beyond. She loves to help women navigate pregnancy and birth and often assists at the center

Certified Nurse Midwife