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Birth & wellness services led by certified midwives.

Corvallis Birth and Wellness Center offers a loving and inclusive environment where all clients, whatever their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or identity, age, education, or ability can seek safe, respectful, and evidenced-based care.  All clients we see are valued participants in their care.  We acknowledge that we are all unique individuals and want all to have a safe place to feel valued and heard.  

Corvallis Birth and Wellness Center offers Midwifery care throughout the lifespan.  We are a free-standing, independent Birth Center.  We offer perinatal services to low-risk individuals including prenatal care, care during labor and birth at our birth center, postpartum care, lactation support, and home visits after birth for you and your newborn infant. 

Additional lactation services and extended pediatric care is available at our center as well, regardless of whether you received care during pregnancy at our practice.

Our Wellness services focus on gynecology and reproductive health care. We offer annual exams and pelvic exams as well as services for those with concerns or needs around menstruation, sexuality, pelvic pain, incontinence, menopause, fertility, and contraception.   All of our care is individually based and provided in our comfortable “home.”

Studied & safe care

The safety and wonderful outcomes of out-of-hospital Birth Center based care for low-risk pregnancies and births has been well documented. The New England Journal of Medicine released a study in 1989 supporting the safety of free-standing Birth Centers. This study was confirmed and supported by a January 2013 study by the American Association of Birth Centers published in the Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health.

The 2013 study demonstrated that free-standing Birth Centers have low transfer rates (12%) with most being non-emergency (1.9%). Birth centers reduce many standard hospital interventions such as labor induction, electronic fetal monitoring, epidurals and routine IVs. The cesarean birth rate was 6% (94% of women, including hospital transfers, had a vaginal birth). This study demonstrates the safety of the midwifery-led birth center model of care, as well as demonstrating low obstetric intervention rates, similar to previous studies of birth center care.

“These ladies are amazing! They are friendly and love what they do. I am so well taken care of having my prenatal care here.”


We would love to come alongside you in your birth and wellness journey.