Birth in the warm embrace

of those you love.

The power of birth

never ceases to amaze

But even more...

the strength of women

inspires awe.

Our birth and health center offers an array of services for women throughout their lives.

Women’s Health Care...

Empowering Women

of All Ages

What was once just a dream
is now a reality.
A Birth Center in Corvallis

We are fortunate to live in a community that embraces healthcare options.

Corvallis Birth & Women’s Health Center offers an opportunity for women to receive health care and birth services in a comfortable environment with professional Midwives.

We offer women’s health that supports women and believes in the strength and self-determination of women and respects their individuality. We offer classes and groups to meet your needs as well.

We are offering an array of services for women throughout their lives.

Midwife led, Women’s Health Services

Corvallis Birth & Women’s Health Center is uniquely qualified to offer you complete women’s health services. Our Midwives (Certified Nurse Midwives) are experienced and qualified to offer care to women throughout their lives. We take time with you, focusing not only on your concerns or issues, but on your health and how to be as healthy as possible. Our focus is on providing holistic care, considering you, the entire women. We encourage participation in your health care, as well as helping you support your own health and well-being.

Complete annual exams, pelvic and PAP, contraception, menstrual concerns, hormone replacement therapy, sexual and reproductive health services are offered. We offer some alternative therapies as well including pelvic floor therapies and Mayan abdomen massage. We offer referrals as needed or desired.

We have a lovely space, our community room, for classes and support groups for women and families of all ages.

Corvallis Birth and Women’s Health Center is a meeting place;

a place for women of all ages to receive Health Care

and an alternative for women who are having uncomplicated pregnancies.

Out-of-Hospital Birth Center

Corvallis Birth & Women’s Health Center offers complete prenatal, birth and post- partum services in our lovely birth center. Our center is a comfortable and safe environment for you and your family. Your care is individualized to meet your needs. We will focus on supporting your health during pregnancy and minimizing interventions during birth. Our birthing suites are comfortable and can be personalized to help you feel at home and secure while birthing your child. And once you have given birth we offer an array of services to support you and your growing family.

Our birth center is located only minutes away from Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center and we offered referral or consultation as needed.

Birth Centers are safe

The safety and wonderful outcomes of out of hospital Birth Centers for low risk women has been well documented. The New England Journal of Medicine released a study in 1989 supporting the safety of free standing Birth Centers. This study was confirmed and supported by a January 2013 study by the American Association of Birth Centers published in the Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health.

The 2013 study demonstrated that free standing Birth Centers have low transfer rates (12%) with most being non-emergency (1.9%). Birth centers reduce many standard hospital interventions such as labor induction, electronic fetal monitoring, epidurals and routine IVs. The cesarean birth rate was 6% (94% of women including hospital transfers, had a vaginal birth). This study demonstrates the safety of the midwifery-led birth center model of care, as well demonstrating low obstetric intervention rates, similar to previous studies of birth center care.

These studies concluded that birth centers are as safe as hospital environments for delivering babies to low-risk mothers.

The value of Midwifery Care and decreasing intervention is well documented. These findings are particularly remarkable in an era characterized by increases in obstetric intervention and cesarean birth nationwide.
Study: Outcomes of Care in Birth Centers