Pregnancy, Birth, & Post-partum Services

Prenatal Services

During Pregnancy

  • Free “meet the midwife” or open house visit before starting care
  • All prenatal visits – individualized and generally 30-60 minutes long depending on needs
  • Detailed nutrition history and assessment, nutrition suggestions/ideas
  • Available at a reduced cost: childbirth classes at the center
  • All labs drawn on site

Additional Services (billed separately)

  • Initial prenatal visit – a complete history and physical, an early ultrasound, and discussion of birth center expectations
  • All labs and ultrasounds
  • Any additional testing such as fetal movement testing, amniotic fluid index (ultrasound) if concerns arise
  • Any genetic screening options.  NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal testing – fetal DNA from maternal blood testing) is available if desired
  • Any visits which are outside routine care for problems or complications

Labor and Birth

Birth Services: What to expect at the Birth Center

  • Labor and give birth in one of our three lovely birthing suites. You can pre-select which room you desire for birth and use that room if it is available.
  • Bring your own pictures or any special decorations to make the suite your own.
  • Freedom to move about in the suite and utilize any of the vast array of birthing supplies available to you. Visit the kitchen or walk outside if you desire.
  • Lovely permanent birthing tubs in each birthing suite for labor and/or birth.
  • Labor support.
  • Family involvement as you choose.
  • High energy snacks and hydration available throughout labor for you and your support team and use of the kitchen.
  • Minimal intervention – no continuous fetal monitoring occurs in a birth center.
  • Safe intermittent monitoring of your baby’s well-being.
  • Immediate contact – skin to skin- with your baby is the norm and is encouraged and supported.
  • Immediate breastfeeding support and assistance.

All emergency equipment is readily available if needed and easy transfer to the hospital if required (we are within a 10 minute drive to the hospital).

Additional pain management options available including Nitrous Oxide (“gas and air”) and a TENS unit

After Birth Care


  • You can leave the birth center when you are ready and stable – generally a minimum stay of 4 hours is anticipated.
  • Stay up to 12 hours after birth
  • Wonderful food is available for you and your support persons – high protein, nutritious and delicious – during your stay. We feed our families well.
  • Breastfeeding support during your stay and after
  • Herbal sitz bath ingredients given to you for at-home use
  • Home visits the day after you leave, 3-4 days after, and 2 weeks after birth. Post-partum visit/exam at the birth center at 6-8 weeks post birth

New Born Care

  • Initial newborn assessment/exam at birth
  • All required newborn procedures offered
  • Newborn care through the first 2 weeks including all newborn care, exams, screening tests, and lactation support. (Can be extended to 2 months if desired).
  • We are part of the state of Oregon hearing testing program and offer hearing testing free of charge for all babies born at the center. Hearing testing is also available for other babies in the community at a nominal fee.

Join one of our mother baby groups or other support groups occurring at the birth center.